Six Days of Miracles

Six Days of Miracle

The 6 days from the 5th to the 10th of June 1967 are without parallel in the history of human warfare.
An exciting and uplifting historic short movie, highlighting the miraculous events of the Six Day War, and emphasizing the Divine hand orchestrating these remarkable events from behind the scenes.

Who had ever heard of a full-scale regional war beginning on a Monday and ending by Saturday the same week? A war where one tiny country defended herself against 5 neighboring countries with a combined military might of twice the amount of soldiers, 3 times the amount of tanks and 4 times the amount of aircraft. One day Israel was facing existential danger only and the next day experienced a seemingly supernatural salvation, almost tripling in size and returning to her ancient Biblical lands. Above all, the Jewish people restored their sovereignty by returning for the first time in 1900 years to their eternal capital and holiest site – the Old City of Jerusalem.
This publication is totally unique in that it is written in a Megillah format – not only chronicling political and military developments, but highlighting the Hand of G-d directing human history.
The Mizrachi World Movement has partnered with the author of the Hebrew edition Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi and the Sifriyat Beit El publishing house in bringing this new Hebrew/English edition to the English-speaking world.
As this year’s Yom Yerushalayim marks the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations, this book is a must read for anyone wanting to take a deeper look beneath the surface of these incredible events.
The book is available from selected bookstores in Israel (see the flyer below) and on the Sifriyat Beit El website.

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