Vote Against the Iran Deal

Elisheva Maline
G-d's got our back. Yet, we still have to do our part and call our senator 

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, it's that this article's title is too blatant to be politically correct. Well, I never claimed to be a statesman nor am I an expert on current events. Yet, sometimes, the need for action is so strong, it can even beckon a naive country girl, such as I. Presently, the basis for this piecemeal article stems from several proofs history has shown regarding relations between Israel and her sister countries. Is the Iran Deal a good idea? If so why and if not, why not? 

Currently, the question, "To vote or not to vote," is foremost in peoples' minds. The president of America, avidly pro the Iran Deal, states that by removing sanctions on Iran, the Iranian government with be able to use their improved economy as a chance to get a leg up in the world. He pushes his point by adding that the enactment of the Iran deal will benefit Israel in the long run. After all, if the Iranians are pleased with the betterment of their living conditions they'll pipe down.  But will they, really? Just ten years ago, Sharon returned a strip of land called Gush Katif to the Arabs and called his decision 'part of a peace agreement.' Yet just last summer, 2014, Israel was forced to declare war on Gaza in retaliation to the rockets they were shooting by the hundreds over our borders.

As if tensions weren't thick enough, by late summer, Israelis in the south of Israel discovered underground tunnels that could be traced back to Gaza. After lengthy research, the Israeli army uncovered the mystery. Hezbollah, the terrorist group in Gaza, had been using the funds Israel provided for the small Arab towns to build and maintain schools and hospitals in Gaza. Instead, they were using the money to further their own nefarious ends. Now, a little over a year later, Obama is calling the Iran Deal Israel's chance to make nice with the enemy. In light of historical evidence I want to ask Obama what his real motives are because it is clear that the terrorists don't want peace.

No wonder over 900 rabbis in the US have petitioned against the Iran deal, along with a goal for one thousand signatures looming. While Democrats and Republicans are severely divided as to whether they will agree to the sanction or if they will reject it, many mainstream Jews have already given in their vote. Iran makes no mistake about where she stands politically. She is an open, staunch supporter of the Lebanon based terrorist group, Hezbollah and she has no qualms about wording her bent on Israel's destruction. Even Obama has been heard admitting the existence of a potential issue in this area. "We have to stop Iran from sending missiles to Hezbollah which threaten Israel," Obama bleats.

What would help tip the voting scales in Israel's and the Republicans' favor? Recently, two hundred retired US Generals are heard to have been lobbying US Congress to reject the Iran deal. Why? Simply put, the deal would enable Iran to become far more volatile than she already is. Why risk that when the stakes are so high?

Dear Obama, please don't leave the messy beginnings of your idea of "peace" for the next president to clean up. Obviously, when all's said and done, we must remember that our leaders are simply puppets in the hands of the puppeteer. We may not understand why G-d is allowing matters to pan out this way. But that does not mean it is okay to bury our heads in the sand, especially when it is within our power to alter the situation. We must get in touch with our senators and tell them to vote against the deal. The process is quick and easy: call your senator, exhort him not to vote for the deal and if you're feeling indignant, ask him to call every other senator he knows and to tell him to vote against the Iran Deal. G-d's got our back, don't forget. Yet, we still have to do our part.

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