Jerusalem Light Festival 2015 (June 3-June 11)

By Shayna Hulkower

The Old City of Jerusalem is a special sight to behold on its own, but for the past six years, there has been a little extra electricity added over the summer. Now in it's seventh year, the Jerusalem International Festival of Light will be illuminating the ancient, holy city.

The adornments begin before you even cross the threshold of one of the towering gates. All along the outside walls of the old city you'll find light displays in all the colors of the rainbow. As you enter and navigate down the cobblestone streets, conglomerates of light, which are really works of art, beckon you down winding alleys and into otherwise hidden corners. The Festival of Light is an opportunity to explore the Old City, walk new ways that you never would have thought of before. There is a map, for those who like order, but try without, for an extra adventure. There are also guided tours, for those who enjoy additional information and insights along the way.

The light displays are more than just holiday lights strung up around the city. World-renowned artists are showcased, turning the Old City into an open air museum. There is a list of each artist and the title of their work, for those who want to know more. There are also audio-visual displays, and interpretive dance, with theater groups using light to enhance their performances.

It is also worthwhile to visit the website in order to see pictures of the festival in Jerusalem over the years. And, for those who enjoy wielding the camera themselves, there is a competition being held for best pictures taken of the festival. With all of these options, there is definitely something for everyone. And best of all, there is no cost to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scene.

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