What to do in Israel over Chol HaMoed Pesach

By Samantha Hulkower

North, Banias
Twice a year, the Jewish people celebrate a week-long holiday. The week is couched by yomim tovim at the beginning and end, days that are holidays and rules similar to those of Shabbat apply. But in between are essentially enforced vacation days - time when if you can avoid going into the office it's preferred. Where if you don't have to write anything it's great. But you are definitely allowed to get in a car, spend money, and otherwise go on tiyulim (trips) and have fun. If you are lucky enough to be in Israel for Passover, here is a list of a few of the things going on.
Dead Sea Festival (website in Hebrew, but if you view in Google Chrome it easily translates). Festivals and musical acts play around the area, in addition to nature hikes and history tours. This is all in addition to the natural wonder and enjoyment of the Dead Sea. All in all, there is surely something for everyone. 
Stone in the Galilee Festival This international sculpture festival is a draw for art-lovers from everywhere. Stroll through international works of art, arranged in outdoor pavilions. 
Ein Gev Music Festival Held in Ein Gev, this mostly music festival celebrates with performances and group singing. Boating, art fair and train rides around the port. Many events are free and a great reason to visit a beautiful and often over-looked city
Jerusalem's Old Train Station, there you can find daily arts and crafts fairs, yoga classes, art galleries, tours, restaurants, shopping and lots more. Not a place you want to miss on your next trip to Israel.

If you are looking for something that is more outdoorsy, join the many other Israelis exploring this ecologically diverse land on a tiyul, or hike. Check out Tiuli.com for hikes from the Golan to Eilat, along with info about local flora and fauna, and ways to find tour guides.
In addition, many museums all over the country offer free admission over Pesach. Intercity buses often offer reduced ticket prices, allowing explorers to have fun without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

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