Passover: The Exodus

This post is dedicated in memory of Etya Sarah bat Yitzchak ha-Levi. May it be an aliyah                                                               for her neshama.
By Samantha Hulkower

Credit: De Agostini / S. Vannini De Agostini Picture Library Getty Images
Often the Story of the Jewish redemption from Egypt is considered to be just that - a story. But there is evidence that the miraculous events did take place.

Just like almost every culture has it's own version of the flood story, there is evidence across cultures that something significant happened in Egypt thousands of years ago. The video below goes into detail showing scientific evidence gathered to empirically demonstrate that some version of the plagues happened, in addition to the time the Jews spent wandering the desert in the Sinai Peninsula. 

It's quite an interesting story, and perfect to watch this time of year. Enjoy. 
Exodus Decoded is a documentary created by Jewish Canadian filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici

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