'Katonti' by Yonatan Razel

By Samantha Hulkower

Yonatan Razel is a famous Israeli singer whose words and tunes are familiar to all here in the Land. A musician since a young age, Razel took a break from his musical career to work as a shepard in Gush Etzion while studying psychology. He eventually resumed a more urban lifestyle in Jerusalem, where he currently lives in the eclectic Nachlaot neighborhood.

Below is his song 'Katonti' which means poetically 'Unworthy'. If you listen closely, some of the lyrics might sound familiar. The words are from Genesis chapter 32, verse, 11 which talks of a river flowing out of the Garden of Eden to a golden land. Also he quotes from Tehillim, chapter 86, verse 13. " For your kindness is great towards me. I have been diminished by all the kindnesses and by all the truth that you have done Your servant: for with my staff  I crossed this Jordan and now I have become two camps. Rescue me, please. For Your kindness toward me is great, and You have rescued my soul from the nethermost depth."

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