Parshat Noach - "Torah Lights"

"Why Wasn't Noach the First Jew? Compassionate Righteousness of Abraham" -- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin 

Noah was a righteous man in his generation (Genesis 6:9)There are those amongst our sages who interpret this as praise: How much more so would he have been in a generation of righteous people. And there are those who interpret it as a condemnation: In accordance to his generation he was righteous; but if he would have been in Abraham's generation, he would not be regarded as anything.(Rashi)

When G-d said to Noah, "The end of all flesh is come before Me," Noah said: "What will You do with me?" But he did not pray for the world, as Abraham would pray for the city of Sodom.. This is why the Flood is called "the waters of Noah" (Isaiah 54:9) -- he is culpable for them, because he did not appeal for mercy on the world's behalf.(Zohar)

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