Cardboard bike by Izhar Gafni

Izhar Gafni, Israeli inventor, created a functioning cardboard bicycle that he hopes to put into production in the next three months at a retail price of $20.  Gafni says the bike is strong, durable, fireproof and waterproof.  He spent years figuring out how to make cardboard strong enough to support a human. In his video below he explains that the trick was bending and gluing the cardboard in such a way that it becomes strong like a piece of wood.  He describes this process as a type of origami, and demonstrates it's strength.
After creating the super strong cardboard, Gafni said he treats it with a substance that gives it its fireproof and waterproof properties. He says that he soaked a cross-section of the treated cardboard in a water tank for several months and it still kept its hardened characteristics. The tires are one of the very few parts of the bike not made of cardboard. Instead, they are made of reconstituted rubber from old car tires. And because they are solid, they cannot be punctured.
Gafni is hoping to get three models of the cardboard bike into production soon so that they will be available for sale next year.

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