Jerusalem Light Festival

Initiated by the Jerusalem Development Authority and Ariel Municipal Company, "Jerusalem Festival of Light" emphasized the role and perception of light in the urban setting. Artists from Israel and abroad will take part in the festival and use light in order to create statues, installations, performances and artwork. In 2011, the festival brought 250,000 visitors to the Old City and succeeded in introducing a new trend in Jerusalem nightlife suitable to all audiences
The fourth edition of the Jerusalem Festival of Light will take place from June 6th to 14th, 2012 in the Old City of Jerusalem. This year the festival has grown and will include ten international artists who will display the best artistic work in the field along with dozens of performances, tours, sites and more
The Festival takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem, visitors will be exposed to the artwork by
    walking in the Old City's alleys, squares and surroundings
Jerusalem Light Festival in the Old City will run from June 6 - June 14 each night at 8pm - midnight.

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